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Book Fair Australia – My new job!

You may or may not have seen my news on social media, but i recently got a new job. Yes, i am still a full time author, don’t worry. I am also the social media and customer service manager of Book Fair Australia.

What is Book Fair Australia?

It’s a festival of books. An event created by book lovers for book lovers. Our aim is to unite authors of all genres with readers.

It’s my new business venture.

Along with 5 other talented ladies, including Annie McCann of Read3rz Revu and author Ivana Truglio. We have been planning this for months and we are so excited to officially launch this week. It’s going to be a lot of work behind the scenes but we are so proud of our little baby and super excited to be bringing a new book event to you.

Our Website and social media platforms are live now!

Check them out here:

Please check them out, follow us on socials.

If you are an author or reader, please register your interest via the buttons on the home screen.

We’ll be updating you as our plans progress.


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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