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Frequently Asked Reader Questions

I recently participated in Luv A Palooza, a virtual conference for romance authors and readers, and below are some of the questions I was asked. I actually get asked these a lot, so I thought I might make a blog post and share them with you along with my answers.

Q: What is your favorite food that you have appearing in your books, or do you have any?

A: I think my favourite food i've included in my books is dumplings in Woman in the Photograph. I'm addicted to dumplings. In fact, i am about to go make some for lunch.

Q: Do you write your books chronologically or do you jump to whatever strikes you in the moment?

A: I write my books from beginning to end, book 1 to the final book in a series. But If the inspiration for a certain scene comes to me I have to get that down first.

Q: Do you have any advice for an aspiring author?

A: My advice is first: do you research into which publishing route you want to go down. All are different. secondly, build your audience and social media presence NOW. Thirdly, finish that book! And last, network with other authors in your genre.

Q: If you could only recommend one of your books which one would it be?

A: That's a hard question! it's like making me choose my favourite fur child. All of them are a special to me in a way. Maybe start at the beginning with my first novel, The Chronicles of Fire and Ice and go from there.


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