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Obliterate Cover Reveal + pre-order!

The day has finally come where i can share the cover for the next Hidden Magic book. I must say this one is probably my favourite of the series so far! Desiree is a genius! Scroll down to read the blurb for Obliterate, see the cover and pre-order your copy.

Title: Obliterate

Series: Hidden Magic series book 3

Genre: urban fantasy/ paranormal romance

Author: L.L. Hunter

Designer: Desiree DeOrto

Release Date: November 30 2017


Emma thought she’d made peace with herself and her past,

But when her past comes back to haunt her,

She’ll be forced to face her demons once more.

When she is turned unexpectedly mortal, she and Darcy reluctantly return to the world she fled to seek help.

But when they arrive, Emma is confronted with a choice.

One which, if she chooses wrongly, could come between her and Darcy forever.

Emma never met a challenge she couldn’t handle.

She once ran from her destiny, but she can’t escape her fate.

You can’t obliterate your demons

Pre-order Obliterate:

I just wanted to clarify something with you guys. On most sites it says Obliterate is the final book in the series. I want to let you know that this is NOT true. There is one more book left. Resonate will be out in late 2018.


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