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Bane of Angels

Bane of Angels

Ebony is now the fully fledged Goddess of the entire universe. Something she'd never thought would happen.


She was told she was worthy of such a title, but Ebony is still suffering from imposter syndrome. Travis is changing. Again. Ever since the demon attack in the Realm of Ice, he has been different, distant, and his powers are morphing into something more dark and deadly. Will the darkness completely overcome him? Will Ebony's love be able to bring him back into the light?

A war with the rebels is brewing, and this time they're out for blood. Will they be able to find the Nephilim's weakness and exploit it? Betrayal. Love. Rebellion. War.

In the final chapter of the bestselling Ebony Angel series, Friendships will be tested. Lines will be drawn, and hearts will be broken. Will the Nephilim make it out alive?

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