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Welcome to Summervale… One of the USA’s top vacation spots. It’s a sunny coastal town. Population… Oh, who cares.

The tourism ads paint Summervale as the perfect, picturesque town. It’s the ideal location to have spring break in, or retire at. But I know the truth.

17 year old Darcie Ryder thought life would be different on the other side of the tracks. In this town, you are judged on by what side of the river you live on. She was born a ‘have not’, but due to her father’s new social status and job, she moves into the rich neighborhood called The Circle, and becomes a ‘have’.

In the Circle, she is introduced to the other kids at the town’s annual back to school bonfire on the beach. Here she meets the handsome, and totally out her league, Dane O’Connell.
Even though they are from the opposite sides of the river, they share a connection they both can’t deny.

But when the body of a teenage girl turns up dead on the shore, the mystery to her death will either bring the teens closer together… or tear them further apart.


More secrets are unearthed in the second instalment of the Summervale series.

After realising their relationship is now forbidden, Darcie and Dane must find a way to be together all the while keeping it secret.

But rumours spread like wildfire in Summervale…

When their romance is exposed due to a cruel prank, their alibi begins to unravel.

And when the killer strikes again, this time closer to home, Darcie and Dane must uncover the real killer before they go down for something they didn’t do.

This time, the path to the truth may lead them closer to their skeletons buried than they’d prefer.



Over the summer, Stacey Miller lost her innocence.
But it’s not how people think.

The pastor’s step- daughter has a dark secret, one she’d rather keep hidden forever.

But when recent events force her to open up and tell Darcie, her best friend, the truth, Stacey knows she can’t run or hide.

Besides that, there is still a killer on the loose, and Darcie might be next.

They’ll do anything to keep the town, and Darcie, from uncovering the truth.


It was meant to be the last party before the end of summer, the last party before the group of friends are split up forever.

But someone has other plans for them…

At a cabin in the middle of the woods, on a remote island, the friends gather for a party. Not knowing that for some of them, it could be the last one they’ll ever have.

The killer is out there and watching them, and they’ll bide their time before striking again.

After all, the secrets are out.

In the thrilling fourth instalment of the bestselling Summervale series,
Will the teens survive and make it back to town for graduation?
Will they be able to leave this cursed town behind?
Or will they perish before someone can raise the alarm?



It should have been the perfect escape…

New cities. New beginnings. New love. 
The teens leave Summervale behind and start their new lives elsewhere. Apart from Bobby. He’s still there. He has a new job and a possible new love interest…

They begin planning for the future, and are just starting to relax, when a mysterious blood covered note appears, plunging the teens back into a life of fear, murder and mysteries to solve.

Darcie had hoped to start a new life in California with Dane, write a book on her life and be done with her past. When uncovering the secrets of her father’s legacy only deepens the mystery, she knows she can’t truly leave Summervale in the rearview mirror.

In the thrilling fifth book in the bestselling Summervale series, it goes to show, you can’t truly escape your past. It will eventually come back to haunt you.

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 Darcie never thought she’d see the day when she’d venture back to Summervale...


When Bobby goes missing, the teens fear he has fallen victim to the same person who has been taunting them with mysterious bloody letters.

So they are forced to head back to the one place they all swore they would leave behind them.

Little do they know its a trap, and they’ve inadvertently handed themselves to the killer on a silver platter.

One by one, the group of friends go missing, and now it’s up to the adults to solve the case.

But the clue to solving the case and finding Darcie and her friends involves them all having their deepest darkest secrets uncovered.


In the thrilling final chapter in the bestselling Summervale series,

When Darcie comes face to face with the killer, will she turn the tables on them? Or become their next victim?


Will the teens make it out alive?