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Dirty Little Secret

The mysteries didn’t stay in Summervale…


Being married and settling into a beachfront home hasn’t prevented Darcie Ryder from unraveling mysteries. And her private investigation business just landed a doozy of a case. 


A little girl has gone missing in Salem, Massachusetts.


Yet this situation runs far deeper than a lost child.

Secrets and lies run deep in the girl’s family, which hit too close to home for Darcie’s liking. Terror roots deep in her core as she realises her own past might not be dead and buried after all...


One mystery leads to another in this highly-anticipated spin-off series to the bestselling Summervale series. 

Seven Bodies

Book 2 in the Darcie Ryder mystery series. Book 8 in the Summervale series. Blurb and cover coming soon


Murder in the Dark

Book 3 of the Darcie Ryder Mysteries. Blurb and cover coming soon!

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