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Molten Heart

Molten Heart

Woken by explosions and gunfire, locked in the basement, her mother killed…

Now seventeen, Skye will never forget that night. Living in a small sanctuary in the midst of a post-apocalyptic landscape, she trains hard to survive.

She knows how to use a gun and kick handsome Lucas’ butt in combat.

But the people who saved her from that basement are keeping secrets from her.

When someone whom she thought was lost returns, Skye’s life is turned upside-down once again. It causes her to question everything, and everyone, she’s ever known.

What is really happening, outside?


Molten heart is the emotional first book in an action-packed YA dystopian series, The Molten Heart Saga. If you like strong, stubborn female protagonists, unique dystopian landscapes, fun, diverse characters, and destruction of the authority, then you will love Molten Heart.

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