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Indie Publishing Resources + Advice

As a seasoned indie author, having been published for 12 years now, I often get asked a lot of repeat questions. I see a lot of new and aspiring authors online either having no idea on how to go about things in the publishing industry, or were given bad advice.
I want to change that. I want to create a go-to place for new authors where I can send them, or where other authors can send them, to help them find useful tips and resources to assist them in  navigating this complicated and difficult business. Over time i will be adding to this page with new things i've learned, because we are all still learning, and as the industry changes.

Tips for a successful author career

  • Finish that book! You can't get to the next step without first finishing your product.

  • Keep writing: It's really hard to sell just one book. What's been successful for me is having many series. More books = more income! Also, Having multiple series connected. Readers love a certain thing and want more of that thing.

  • Have a newsletter: you don't own your social media followers, but you do own your newsletter subscriber list. Nurture it and create a relationship with them. It's having this relationship that will turn cold customers into super fans. 

  • Have a presence on social media: Most authors are introverts, so this might be hard for some. but it can be as simple as creating simple branded graphics, even a few videos for Tiktok and Instagram reels featuring your books with text over top featuring excerpts or lines from your blurb, even the tropes featured in your book. You do not have to show your face!

  • Website: Your website should be the ultimate one stop shop for all things YOU and your brand. Have all your purchase links on there and direct all your traffic there from your newsltter and social media. I use links to my series pages which features all my buy links. This is also good for SEO. (Search engine Optimisation)

  • Have many streams of income: In the indie publishing world, you are either WIDE (on all stores/ platforms and non- exclusive), or Amazon Exclusive (Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Select). You can also sell books directly from your website now as well. There are game apps (be careful about the contracts for these!), websites and apps like Ream and other subscription pay to read models, and also having your books in bricks and mortar bookstores (consignment or wholesale purchase). I am wide, sell my books directly in ebook, audiobook and paperback, and have books in many bricks and mortar bookstores. All these income streams earn me a good sum of money per month. You have to work out what is best for you, but remember this: more revenue streams = more money!

  • Attend signings and book conventions: depending on your genre, it can be very lucrative to sell your books at genre themed book events. For example: comiccons and pop culture conventions for sci fi and fantasy books, and romance signings for romance books. Your readers love meeting you, and if you keep attending year after year, you'll have readers returning to buy the next book. You also meet potentially important people to add to your networking list.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact me! Click here to book a consult with me.

Software, websites and other resources I recommend

For earnings

Scribecount: I love Scribecount due to the fact you can can put in all your sources of book earnings and it turns them into pretty graphs. Click here to use my referral link. (Please note i use affiliate links)

For Writing

Microsoft Word: For doing actual writing i use Word. There are many writing apps and programs out there. It depends on your preference.

For Networking and marketing and promotional help

For newer authors, there can be a lot of information out there and it can get overwhelming. Here are some fantastic groups on Facebook i recommend you join:

Wide for the Win: For advice on how to succeed on all publishing platforms. Join here.

Aussie Indie authors Connect and Promo: This is a new one by Author G.R. Thomas and has a wealth of information. It's all about community! Join here.

Write to Riches - Author Abundance Central: I love this mindset! I also highly recommend the book of the same name. Join here.

For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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