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Disruption by Jessica Shirvington – My review

This post is more of my thoughts about Jessica Shirvington’s newest release, Disruption then it is about my two meetings with her in person. (Yes, i fangirled hard!)

Firstly, let me just say that Jess is a beautiful woman inside and out, and such an inspiration! So, imagine my shock when she recognised me before we met in person, from our tweets and facebook messages alone. Not only did she know who i was, but is going to read my books! I don’t think i can take it. I get nervous when my readers and fans read my books on any given day, so to have someone i admire and look up to turn around and say they’ve read my books is… whoa, i have no words!

Not only Jess, but Marianne Curley, bestsellling author or Old Magic and the Hidden series, who i can now call a friend has read my books also! And all this happened inside a week!

I won’t go on, but that was one of the best weeks of my life. Not only did i attend my first ever book signing, but i met two of my writing idols. Let me tell you i cried happy tears!

Now onto my review

Whoa! Jess really hit the ground running with this one! It’s totally different from her Embrace series, but in a good way. She has a freakish ability to write strong, hard – headed women that kick some serious booty. I love Maggie! She has to be my fave of Jess’ characters (move over Violet!) because even though she is secretive, she knows what she wants and will take down anyone in the way of her goal. That is, until she meets the yummy Quentin. Sorry, Lincoln, Quentin takes the title of sexiest book boyfriend that Jess has ever written. I can really relate to the emotions going on between Maggie and Quentin, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE books with high chemistry between the two main characters. So swoon worthy! Also, i wish we had those M- Bands now! I would love to walk down the street and be able to see from a distance without actually talking to them whether they’d be the perfect match or the wrong one. It would make dating a whole lot easier, and fix alot of today’s problems, which are talked about in the book. This book is not short on action and it kept me eagerly flipping the pages to the very end to find out what happens next. Let me just say that the ending is explosive! It blew me away! Now all we have to do is wait for book 2, Corruption, which Jess says might be out towards the end of this year! 5/5 shooting stars!


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