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House of Fire and Blood

House of Fire and Blood

Two babies, born with the blood of witches.

One of darkness.

One of light.

The magic of each yet to be awakened.

Separated at birth, neither knew of the other. Seventeen years have passed, with their strength increasing with every moon cycle.

Sacred relics were forged to contain any magic too great to wield.

One a dagger.

One an amulet.

During the time of the First War, these magical artifacts were stolen and hidden from the world.

It is foretold that if the Cursed One were to wield both relics, it would bring about the end of days.

Alliances forged.

Blood spilled.

Lives lost.

Gifted the artifacts, twin witches, Imogen and Amelia, must harness the power within them to save those they love... and prevent the rise of Aed.


The author of the bestselling Nephilim Universe brings you a new adventure set in the same world as The Midnight Ball series. House of Fire and Blood is sure to hook you from page one!

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    Print editions will ship after Febuary 28.

    Please allow longer for a hardback edition to arrive as they are printed in the USA.

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