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House of Smoke and Bone

House of Smoke and Bone

With poison, curses, and blood, darkness coils near.


Twin witches Amelia and Imogen think they have uncovered the complete truth of their lineage, the artifacts they were gifted with, and the reason why they were separated at birth.

Yet that’s only part of their story.

Partnering with Pavin, and their new allies, the twins delve into the secrets of their dark pasts.

But this quest could prove to be a fatal one. To find their way back, and defeat Aed, soul-crushing sacrifices must be made. What they learn along the way could prove to be more than any of them can handle.


Love. Blood. Sacrifice.


How far will Imogen, Amelia, and Pavin go to learn the truth? And what will it cost?


The author of the bestselling Nephilim Universe delivers an emotional punch in the highly-anticipated conclusion to the Palace of Bones duology!

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