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Thirst - signed paperback

Thirst - signed paperback

Ash and Eva have been reunited.
Henry has found his brother.
Happily ever after.
The end. Right?
They may be together, but all is not what it seems.
They soon discover everyone has their own goals.
Some want freedom. Some want blood. And most want answers.

Who will lose their life in the thirst for power?

Alliances will be forged, battles will be fought, and lines will be drawn.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Dragon Heart series, will Eva and Ash finally have their happily ever after?

Crave Power. Crave Blood. Crave Freedom.

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    Backlist orders take addictional time to arrive as they're not stocked with me. Please allow up to 30 days for stock to arrive and ship. It most cases it will be quicker. I can't predict shipping delays.

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