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Wounded Heart

Wounded Heart

War rages on


After the death of Blossom, the girl she called her sister Skye’s heart has been shattered and she’s out for revenge.

But not if Lukas has anything to do about it.


Skye is not only fighting the feelings she has for Lukas, but the deep rage in her heart. A rage that will put everyone in danger if Skye can’t find a way to make peace with her demons so they can return precious resources to their people and save the world from destruction.


With the discovery of a hidden city beyond the boundary of their sanctuary, Skye and Lukas venture into new territory.

In the ruins of the former city, they not only make a new unlikely ally, but uncover the hidden threat and deadly secret that has been covered up for years.


Can Skye negotiate peace with the government, or is she putting her life and that of the rest of the world at risk?


In the much anticipated second instalment of the Molten Heart Saga, Can Lukas heal Skye’s heart before it’s too late?

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