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15 is only the beginning – Hunger release day thoughts.

When i first started writing, i never thought i would ever write 1 book, let alone 15.

I am at a stage with my writing now where i feel everything is so much easier. (Except marketing. ’cause that will never be easy!) I mean editing and writing.

When i started it was near impossible for me to see my mistakes. But when i look at a manuscipt now, i can see all the grammatical errors, the wrong punctuation and the plot holes. It’s like i am seeing for the first time. It’s like the book is a puzzle and i can see the missing pieces. I can literally see them falling into place as if they are highlighted in front of me. I can also see plotlines and scenes play out as vividly as if they were a movie or real life.

I don’t know if anyone else sees this, or if it is just the way my brain works.

In saying that, i am very proud of my current piece of work, like all my book babies. But in terms of character development, i think this book, Hunger, is one of my best. That is my total biased, egotistic opinion though. 😉

I urge you to judge for yourself.

I urge you to let me know how one of my books makes you feel.

My 15th title, Hunger, is out now on all platforms.

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Make sure you grab books 1 and 2 as well. Book 1 is FREE while Crave is on sale for 99 cents until June 1.

1. The Dragon Heart Keeper: Amazon iBooks Kobo Barnes and Noble

2. Crave: Amazon iBooks Kobo Barnes and Noble

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