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2022 in the rearview mirror...My end of year wrap up blog.

Wow. Where to start? 2022 has been a whirlwind of a year. It's been a year of incredible career highlights. Below i'm going to try and list all the things that happened to me career wise this year, and then add my 2023 goals at the end of the post. These are in no particular order. There may be more but my brain is exhausted.

  1. It was my 10 year author anniversary

  2. I became a full time author

  3. Created a book event business (Book Fair Australia) with some fabulous like- minded people.

  4. We had our inaugural Book Fair Australia event in November.

  5. Had my highest in person sales to date this year. These sales now overtake ebook sales.

  6. Got a new website and an official shop

  7. Switched newsletter providers

  8. Deleted my Twitter account

  9. Published my 50th book

  10. I re-released my first book, The Chronicles of Fire and Ice, in a new special 10 year edition in paperback, ebook and hardback.

  11. I published 4 new content books, 1 special edition, and 3 boxed sets. A total of 8 books this year.

  12. Attended 4 in person book signings and 1 virtual.

  13. Collaborated with some bookstores to have my books on consignment

Looking Forward...2023 business goals

  1. Publish 5 books (4 new, 1 boxed set)

  2. Attend 3 in person book events

  3. Keep working on my social media and newsletter engagement and growing it

  4. Make more money than 2022

  5. Collaborate with even more amazing small businesses and bookstores

That's it for 2022. i hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy new year. I'll see you in 2023.

Laura xx


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