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A new dystopian and some new news

Its been a while since i updated you on what i’ve been up to. A few things have happened since my last longish blog post so let’s see if i can catch up.

The Garden of Death, book 2 in The Eden Chronicles was released (yay) and is now available at all online retailers (links below) I currently have a 99 cent sale going until the end of this week, so make sure you go pick up a copy before it goes back up to full price.

Secondly, my first ever book baby, The Chronicles of Fire and Ice was FINALLY re-released into the world after many hurdles and is finally the way i want it. Make sure you grab your copies before book 2, The Chronicles of Blood and Stone comes out on July 13th! yay!

Is this version of the Fire and Ice much different from previous versions? Content wise, no, but it has been re-edited and have added new sentences here and there to help with continuity and have deleted things that weren’t needed. I have also added a brand new beginning to chapter 1 and a pretty in- depth The Chronicle / The Legend of the Archangel lexicon to the back of the book incase you weren’t sure about the meanings of things etc, something i have wanted to do for a while but wasn’t allowed. It’s so worth the re-purchase let me assure you! I can’t wait to get mine in paperback! Oh, my editor has also done an AMAZING job of formatting and interior design, THAT alone is worth the re-purchase! its soo pretty! And the entire series will be formatted the same way.

You can buy your copy of The Chronicles of Fire and Ice below:

Pre- Order The Chronicles of Blood and Stone now on iBooks!

And then (at last) book 3 of The Legend of the Archangel series, The Chronicles of Silver and Gold, comes out on July 31st. I can’t wait for you to finally read the third installment. I may be a little biased but i think each book gets better with each new installment.

BUT before books 2 and 3 come out, look out for the cover reveal for The Chronicles of Silver and Gold on July 3rd! It’s sure to be amazing!


In other news, on sunday 22nd june i revealed the cover for my current WIP and upcoming YA dystopian novel, Molten Heart. A special thanks goes to Bex n Books blog for hosting me on their Sunday Author Takeover and the awesomesauce readers for getting my page to my goal of 2,200 likes so i could reveal the cover!!

This cover was designed by my amazing friend, the incredibly talented author Airicka Phoenix!

drum roll please ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Isn’t it gorgeous!???

You can find more info about Molten Heart on Goodreads and iBooks including a release date and a pre-order link! (At the time of this post, iBooks haven’t uploaded the cover but it should be up soon).

Now back to The Legend of the Archangel news….


Yes, you read that right. It’s only a blog tour because i am not a millionaire and can’t afford to tour around the world in person, but can virtually!

Lady Ambers Tours is hosting the first 3 books in the series for a week long blog tour from August 1- 7

Here’s the list of the blog that are taking part:


I Feel the Need, the Need to Read (Review)

Jazzy Reviews


Paperback Cowgirl (Promo)

Bella Harte Books (Promo)


Sweet Treat Reading Reviews (Promo)

Brenda’s Blog


Indie Authors, Books, and More (Review)


Lady Amber’s Reviews


Tammy’s tea time (Review)


Book Butterfly in Dreamland (Review)

TB Recommendations (Promo)

There are probably more to be added but i will be sharing those on the alloted days on facebook, twitter and google plus!

I’m so excited! I hope many more readers discover The Legend of the Archangel series!

I think that about covers it for now.

COMING SOON: look out for a post regarding my new publishing schedule.


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