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The job title of ‘Author’ is one of those you’re often proud to put on any form, or tell people that’s what you do. But it’s not a title that should be thrown around willy nilly. It has to be earned. In my opinion, the following points will NOT earn you the credibility to call yourself an author. Yes, it means far more than just publishing a book. If you do the following, i won’t be buying your books and i can fairly say, neither will many others.

Social Media This is a tricky subject to discuss. I won’t tell you what to do on your own accounts. It’s your account. Post what ever the hell you want. But just keep in mind, your profile is going to become public as soon as you start to make a name for yourself. Don’t be negative all the time. Try not to complain about others in the industry or those you work with, and for goodness sake, do NOT add people to Facebook groups without asking them first. Would you like it if they did it to you? Think before you act and keep it positive and you’ll grow a successful social media fanbase.

Newsletters It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the best ways to get your book out there, but you need to use it right. Adding people to your mailing list without asking first is NOT the way to go about it. It will only have your subscribers running the other way. Post your newsletter link on social media about once a week, send it to bloggers when you have a release, post it in the back matter of your books, but PLEASE DON’T add people to your mailing list without their permission. I think the frequency of your newsletters could make or break your business too. DON’T post too often. More than 1 a week is too many. Stick to no more than twice a month at most (I send mine out once a month) and you should start to reap the rewards.

Reviews Reviews are another tricky subject. I believe the quantity of reviews your collect isn’t necessarily a good thing. I couldn’t care less about asking for reviews. I’ve moved past that. If readers want to review my books, they can. If they don’t want to, that’s fine too. But sometimes we all receive that one review that is so nasty or odd, a 1 star that doesn’t make sense. We feel the urge to respond and tell the reviewer they are wrong, to correct them. Am i right? This is bad. Don’t do that. Don’t respond to reviews. Don’t comment. Step away from the computer. Sometimes you need to bite your tongue.

When your want to become an author, publish a book and become mega rich (Just kidding. The latter is not true. Sorry to say, nine times out of ten, you won’t become filthy rich. This author business is hard.) What was i saying? Oh yeah, If you want to become an author, you are creating a brand. How you act in public reflects back on your brand. Always be nice. Don’t respond to negativity. Don’t publicly bash someone on social media. And for the LOVE OF ALL THE WORDS IN THE WORLD, do NOT add people to groups or mailing lists without asking first. If you follow these rules, you will create a successful author brand and people will buy your books.

Keep writing.

Laura xx


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