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Behaving on the Internet. You’re not invisible

I didn’t want to have to add my 2 cents. I hate drama. Its like highschool. I left that place for a reason. But that’s what the online world is turning into: a virtual playground for bullies and gossips.

And you know what makes it worse? People in the public eye bahaving like this.

If you have created a brand, a product or are widely known for doing something, you are a celebrity. You are NOT invisible. It doesn’t matter if you are walking down the street or sitting behind your computer or device, the same rules apply. Its time you start acting like the kind of role model you want your kids to look up to.

I’m not going to tell you what you should be doing, common sense applies here. Sadly some people lack common sense.


When you walk into a shop would you demand one of their products for free? No, you wouldn’t. The same rule applies to owners of online stores. You do not approach your favourite author and demand that they give you their book for free. Its rude!

Authors: readers are the people who buy your books. You do not want to scare them away by being rude. Remember the shop scenario i mentioned above? Same rule applies. You run a business, you need to apply business practises. The number one rule of customer service is: keep the customers coming back for more.

This leads me to my next point.


When you make your mark on the world, you want it to be good and memorable. You want people to recognise you for your brand and what you write (I am going to use authors as the main example here but this could apply to anything). You do not want your brand to be that you’re a rude nasty person. First impressions are everything! They can make or break a career. Be nice and behave in front of your customers! You will not sell anything and those customers you just scared away will go and tell others how rude and nasty you were. Bad gossip spreads faster than good gossip.


Most artists, celebrities and businesses have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. You know what? Not only your Mum can see those! Shock! Horror! If you do not want your Mum to see how you behave online, you do not want the world to see that bahaviour. If you receive a bad reputation for spreading rumours online, being rude to customers/ other people you work with… well, this will only end bad for you. Karma has a nasty bite and she will come back sevenfold to bite you in the bum sooner or later. Don’t gossip, don’t name drop the names of other people who have mishaved, you do not want to jump on the drama train, trust me. You have much better things in your life that you should be focusing on. Like your next release! Eep! How exciting!


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