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Bodies... bodies everywhere! Mass Casualties! A Release Day rambling

I used to do these types of blogs a lot: scribble down the thoughts swirling in my mind about the current release and all the emotions that go with it.

But lately i've been working, head down, bum up, and writing closer and closer to my deadlines, that my thoughts have been scrambled and i've been finding myself stressing. Especially in April!

I was so busy i barely came up for air.

I realised after my last book signing, where in preparation for it, i was scrambling to finish my book, this book, and a million other tasks, that it's no wonder i broke when the straw that broke the camel's back that was the flood incident at the hotel i was staying at in Newcastle. All my signing things got wet and i lost two books. It was only 2 books, but it could have been so much worse.

I had to take myself off to the bathroom for a cry.

I need to be kinder to myself.

So no more running around like a headless chicken, as my mum says (not sure if its a thing that's said where you're from, but in Australian, its a common Aussie country saying)

So It's now May as i'm writing this and i have until July 1st to finish this book. So i'm going to be taking it a lot easier on myself.

Anyway, onto Seven Bodies.

In this book, Darcie's PI business is kicked into high gear with a macabre and disturbing case involving not one, not two, but SEVEN bodies, hence the title of the book ;) The title is also a twist on the classic high school game of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, aka Murder in the Dark, which is the next book title. If you haven't already figured out the trend of Summervale titles. Most of them are named after those childhood slumber party games; Truth or Dare, Spin the bottle etc. There's one more title / game i'm dying to use, but I have already named the final book… TIL DEATH. We shall see if the characters keep talking to me…

Anyway, i was going to say i had so much fun writing Bobby and Tristan's relationship in this book. Let me just say those boys DID NOT want to behave within the pages of a YA book haha.

clears throat This might be a nice introduction into our latest BFA blog post which i wrote, where i discuss how spicy YA books should be. You can read our blogs here.

Anyway, hope you love my boys' chemistry as much as i do. Their relationship is really put to the test.

Will their love survive? Will they survive?

You'll have to read to find out.

Seven Bodies is out now!

Get your copy here.



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