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Calling all Dragon Heart fans!!!

Yesterday morning i revealed something on my Facebook page, and i thought i should give you the full scoop here, live and exclusive. (Now i sound like a journalist).

But you have heard it here first.

My Dragon Heart series is getting a facelift.

I recently got Hunger’s cover done and because it was so amazing, i have decided to get Crave and The Dragon Heart Keeper redesigned to look more like Hunger.

Here are the covers side by side…

And i am not done with the revelations yet!

Seeing as i already have the cover for Hunger, i have decided that HUNGER will be released in May 2015.

That means THE AQUA LIE and THE GARDEN OF FATE will be pushed back to July and September 2015.

This may change, but that is my plan for the moment.

Crave’s cover will be uploaded on all the sites ASAP!

Look out for news of releases, pre-order links and cover reveals coming soon!


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