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Dance Demons by Juliet M Sampson – Review

I love Juliet. She is so bright and cheerful and inspirational, that when i was lookng for a copy of her fabulous book, Dance Demons, and couldn’t find one, she happily sent me one. I just finished it, so here’s my review.

Stephanie is like most Aussie Year 12 girls. She spends her time worrying about grades, fashion and boys. She an amazing boyfriend named Andrew and they had planned their life together. But tragedy strikes. Stephanie feels lost. She suffers a break down, but when a friend suggests she should go back to dancing, she agrees it might be a good thing to heal her soul. So she enrols in a latin dance class taught by the mysterious Anton. Anton is one of those guys whom all the girls want and all the boys want to be. But there is something not right with Anton and Stephanie gets caught up in his dark web.

I found Dance Demons fascinating from the very first page. It had thrills, suspense, mystery and dancing and hot boys. I wanted to know more about the dark side of Anton and his dance school. I loved the ending the most. Will Stephanie make it out alive? You will have to read it to find out. I can’t wait for book 2.

You can get your copy of Dance Demons here


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