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Do what’s right for you

So lately, you may have noticed i haven’t been myself. If you haven’t, then don’t be alarmed. I am okay. Just.

I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on in my life.

You may or may not know that i’ve had a few losses in my life lately. My furbaby, my kitty cat Smokey passed away in July, and less than a month later, my Nanna went to heaven too. Both had very long lives and were lucky they reached the ages they did. (Smokey was almost 14, and Nanna was 90 years.) They both did amazingly well to get to where they were. But old age caught up with them. Anyway i won’t bore you with my sappy story.

During this time i had been writing the fifth Legend of the Archangel book. As any artist would know, a creative outlet is the best way of dealing with the pain of loss or any emotional event in one’s life. I tried. I wasn’t dealing. I was drowning.

There’s also the matter of finanicial stresses that caused me to reach breaking point. Book sales were slow and i was paying off a trip to Europe i wasn’t sure was going to happen. (World Youth Day.) Anyway, long story short, on Sunday after many tears i made a decison to cut the things that were making me upset and stressed, out of my life.

I pulled out of World Youth Day and separated myself from all situations which were causing me distress. (Let’s not get started on bullies.) Bullies are real, people. As a good friend told me. They are real even in adulthood. But the good thing about adulthood, is that you have a bit more life experience to pull from to deal with these situations. (Sometimes it fails in the case of me, the most socially awkward person ever!) And let’s not get started on the reasons why adulthood is bad. Sometimes adulting is hard. That’s why i hide in my writing cave and play with my funko figurines.

But right now, today, i feel good. My health is improving (something that has also been getting me down.) I’ve always been self conscious about my body, body odour and all that. TMI. Sorry. But have you ever gotten a whiff of another girl or guy and had body odour envy, in a good way? Like, they’re wearing the yummiest perfume or they just naturally smell amazing? I can’t be the only one! I have body odour envy all the time. How on earth do you girls stay smelling amazing all day? Is it your shampoo? Your perfume? Your body lotion? Do you just sweat candy or something? Anyway, I’ve changed shampoo and now i have the most amazing smelling hair the first time in my life. I smell like a pina colada!

There was something else i was going to talk about…. what was it? Oh, yeah!

Stop listing to negative people telling you what you should do with your own life. YOU should do what is right for YOU! i’ve stopped listening to these people and my life is better for it. Don’t let judgemental bitches rule your life! You own your body and life, not them.

In other news, book sales have also picked up. Yay! October has been amazing so far and i hope this momentum stays. Oh, and i am still going to Europe, but with my parents. I can’t wait!


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