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Dreams – they do come true. And some get written into books.

I just spent the last 5 minutes trying to think of the perfect title for this blog post.

I wanted something catchy, fun, unique… nothing worked.

Then i thought of the reason i started writing my latest book. It was all because of a dream. I knew that it would be the perfect title for not only the book, but this blog post.

The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams actually came after that very first prologue in The Chronicles of Fire and Ice. Most of what you will read in the book… well, that was in my head from the very beginning just waiting for the perfect moment to get written. I think book 4 of my beloved series was the perfect time to write it.

In this book, you get to know my Dyston a little better. You get to see what happened when he recieved his Task – when he was told he had to find Scarlett and protect her at all costs. When i first dreamt of Dyston’s backstory, when it finally came to me, it came it flashes. The first chapter of Rain and Dreams, yeah that came after that infamous (am i allowed to say that?) prologue. After all, it was that prologue – along with the whole premise – that scored me an agent last year.

At the risk of sounding like i am talking myself up like a big egomaniac, i will stop.

But let me just say i am damn proud of this book, and this series as a whole. This book is my favourite of the series to date.

Because, If I hadn’t met the guy who inpsired Dyston, this whole series would have never been born. So, I am forever thankful for that.

(For the record, no, he is not my boyfriend if you were wondering. I am still single. This guy is just a good friend who has yet to make his move 😉

The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams is out now.

Buy your copy here: Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo iBooks

I am throwing a release party to celebrate The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams’ release, and would love you all to come join me! I will be giving away a signed copy of The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams to one lucky attendee!

Join the fun here!


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