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Fate and Furies by Helen Scheuerer - Cover Reveal

I have another exciting cover reveal on the blog today! This time for Helen Scheuerer. I love everything this lady creates. I love absolutely LOVE this series too. If you haven't checked out the Legends of Thezmarr, i highly recommend you do.



“I always knew you would be the end of me.”

With darkness cursing the world around her, Althea Zoltaire is desperate for vengeance. But as she hunts Wilder Hawthorne, across the kingdoms, brutal secrets begin to unravel.

Not knowing what – or who – to trust, Thea and her companions find themselves entwined with a destiny far greater than one man. Together, they must navigate the haunting revelations that could shatter the very foundations of the midrealms.

Yet it’s not only the world at stake, but Thea’s heart too. As everything teeters on the verge of destruction, her fate collides once more with Wilder’s.

Will their reunion ignite the fiery passion between them amidst the ashes of betrayal? Or will it end in a heartbreaking, deadly showdown?

In a journey fraught with danger, where the lines between enemies and allies blur, Thea must decide where her loyalties lie, and who will stand at her side against the looming evil.

Get ready for an epic adventure brimming with steamy romance, and a sprawling world of magic and monsters.

Fate & Furies is the third book in the spellbinding epic romantic fantasy series, The Legends of Thezmarr and is perfect for fans of Fourth Wing, The Bridge Kingdom, and The Witcher.


Title: Fate & Furies Series Title: The Legends of Thezmarr, Book 3 Number of Books: 4 (Wilder & Thea’s romance arc) Page Count: approx 500 Author: Helen Scheuerer Publisher/Imprint: Alchemy Release date: 22nd February 2024 Genre: Epic romantic fantasy Formats: ebook, paperback, hardcover (audio coming soon) Audience: Suitable for adults (18+)


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Black blood splattered across the pristine snow, and the Shadow of Death whirled on her feet, carving into the next creature that attacked. In the burnt-gold glow of a freshly broken dawn, darkness leaked from its mouth, as though it was done devouring its host from within and was ready to seek another.

Howlers, they were called. Once men, they had been mutilated by the shadow wraiths, their voices stolen and replaced by blood-curdling howls, their bodies and minds no longer their own. Possessed and incensed as they were, there was no reasoning with them, not as they tried to spread their poison across the midrealms. A gurgling sound escaped the one. Thea fought as she thrust her blade into his gut and split him from navel to nose.

More black blood flowed.Thea and her friends were outnumbered a dozen to three.‘Kipp!’ she shouted in warning before letting her throwing stars fly.

He ducked just in time as blurs of silver soared through the air and pinned his snarling opponent to the nearby village wall.

With a nod of thanks, Kipp rushed to Cal’s side, his sword raised, while Thea swung her own blade, decapitating another howler, his head hitting the ground with a thud, rolling across the snow. On instinct, she reached within for her magic, but it did not answer, not a flicker of the lightning that had once coursed through her veins. She didn’t need it, she told herself, twirling her sword, bracing herself for the next attack.



Helen Scheuerer is the fantasy author of the bestselling series, The Oremere Chronicles, the Curse of the Cyren Queen quartet and The Legends of Thezmarr. Her work has been highly praised for its strong, flawed female characters and its action-packed plots. She also publishes advice for authors with her nonfiction series, Books For Career Authors.

Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a creative writing degree and a Masters of Publishing. She has been a full-time author since 2018 and now lives amidst the mountains in New Zealand where she is constantly dreaming up new stories.




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Contact info

GET IN TOUCHWebsite: Email: Facebook: @HelenScheuererAuthor Instagram: @HelenScheuerer TikTok: @HelenScheuerer

Read the prequel novella to Blood & Steel, An Alchemist's Vow for free via Helen's website today!

Fate and Furies releases Feb 22nd.

Pre-order here.


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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