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Free and discounted books -July Summer/Winter Smashwords Promotion

Hey guys, good news! I’ve just enrolled most of my books in the July Summer/Winter Smashwords sitewide promotion!

Not only is a great opportunity to grab my books on sale (or free) but you can support other indie authors during the promotion. If you are an author, you can enroll your books by going to the home page and clicking on enroll on the top left hand side!

To find out which of my books are enrolled in the promotion, click the links below to go to each book’s Smashwords page and get the coupon!

*The Chronicles of Fire and Ice – FREE until July 31st!

*First Glance – 50% off until July 31st!

*Treacherous – 50% off until July 31st!

Also visit my Smashwords page to see which other titles i have available and for pre- order!


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