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Lemonade for You by Ashley McConnell – Cover Reveal


After seeing a toy she desperately wants, Angela begs her father to get it for her. When her father tells her that she must find a way to earn the money to buy it herself, Angela comes up with a plan: she and her daddy will put together a lemonade stand for all the thirsty people on the hot summer day in her neighborhood. However, things don’t end the way she thought they would—with her having a brand new toy. Lemonade for You is a story about love, sickness, charity, being a child, and caring about others. It’s sweet, charming, and educational.

Authors Facebook page:

I’ll try and find out more info about a release date for this book, but i was told that is a book for charity and part of the proceeds from the book go to a charity that helps children who are suffering with cancer.


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