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New Release: Folie a Deux

Title: Folie a Deux

Series: Riverside Oak Mysteries book 2

Author: L.L. Hunter

Genre: YA romantic suspense / mystery/ thriller

Tropes: small town, mafia, forbidden love, starcrossed lovers




Paradise Academy trains killers who live by three simple orders:


Follow the rules. 

Do the job. 

Don’t ask questions. 


Talys McDonald walked into Amber’s mess of a life carrying a secret even bigger than hers. Bonding over their trauma, they both felt an instant connection that was overshadowed by a shocking truth. 


Their families are rivals…

And they’re in love.


Suddenly, Amber finds herself questioning everything and everyone she has ever known. What has her family been keeping from her? And what are the dark truths he refuses to reveal? As she navigates her way through lessons at the prestigious academy, she begins to wonder who she can trust… if anyone. 


In the highly-anticipated second installment of the Riverside Oak Mysteries, one old adage rings true: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But maybe stop short of falling in love with them… 


Folie a Deux is out now on my website and all book retailers in ebook and paperback.






For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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