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Living the Dream: My road to publishing

Today is my publishing anniversary.

Eight years ago today my first book was published and I officially became a published author.

But looking back, i wish i could go back, shake myself and tell 2012 me not to go with the ‘publisher’ i did.

By Publisher, i mean, vanity publisher, aka con artist and scammer.

I was naive to everything back then.

I have since learned a lot about the publishing world, who to trust, who not to trust.

Back then, when I was shopping my manuscript around, i was just excited to get my words out there, my little book of angels and demons. The book I always said I would write, while studying vet nursing, and then forensic science.

My life could have gone in an entirely different direction, had it not been for the deaths.

I lost my dog, Paris, then my cousin within a few months of each other.

That forced me to quit during exams at university, and i took some time off.

Over the next few months i started writing what would be known as The Chronicles of Fire and Ice.

That would then open Pandora’s box, and The Dragon Heart Keeper followed soon after, and then The Garden of Eden, The Chronicles of Blood and Stone, etc, etc.

I started writing and didn’t stop.

Now, eight years on, and over 40 books published (is it almost 50 now? I’ve lost count), i’ve learned a lot about publishing, about marketing and business. And I am still learning even now.

I am a proud independent author. I do everything myself, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Publishing is a roller coaster of highs and lows. But you’ve got to ride it out and weather the storm.

If it’s something you love, then keep going.

If you’ve ever wanted to do something you’ve always dreamed of, then just do it.


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