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Publishing update: the future of L.L. Hunter.

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. But that because i’ve been extremely busy.

I have some news regarding some of my books and future releases:

From July 5th 2019, Woman in the Photograph and Man Amongst the Stars will no longer be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. This is when my contract with them ends. They will then be published on Apple books, Kobo, nook and other online ebook stores as well as Amazon.

Girl with a Dream will be available on other stores from September 8th.

Treacherous and Torturous, as well as the pre-order for Torn and the next book in the Written in the Stars series will be available on Apple books, Nook, kobo and other stores will be available as soon as i get the files.

They will still be published on Amazon. They just won’t be on KU.

Thank you for your patience, and i hope this decision, which is a personal and business decision, won’t cause too much inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support of my writing.


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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