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Read the 1st chapter of The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams!

Its the 1st of January 2015! Which means its my birthday and it also marks 30 days until the release of The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams!

Just because it is my birthday, doesn’t mean i have to be greedy and keep all the presents to myself. I am a caring, giving person, so i am giving you all a gift….

The exclusive FIRST CHAPTER from THE CHRONICLES OF RAIN AND DREAMS! You can thank me later.

Chapter One: Tasked (unedited and subject to change)

Seven years earlier

Dyston bowed his head. He hadn’t wanted to come to this place. To him, the Realm of Light was a place where an angel came to receive judgment or their Task. At the age of eighteen, the latter was now upon him, and he was petrified. Although Dyston considered himself a rebel, not a Mummy’s boy, he wished his mother had come inside with him. At eighteen, all Nephilim received their first ever Task, the one that would determine all other tasks for the rest of their lives. Dyston’s father had drilled into him that he was not to fail this one above all else, or he would ‘bring shame upon the family’ and probably be banished. Yeah, Zachariah was an extremist and often over dramatized things. Dyston rarely went along with what he said, unlike his older brother. “Dyston Blackbell, are you ready to receive your first task?” Ariel, the Gatekeeper of the Realm asked him. As Gatekeeper it was her role to give each Nephilim their tasks. If it was a generic task, such as watch over someone, or retrieve an item of importance from the Michaelites, then Ariel gave these out. But if the task was of more importance, Nephilim was sent to the Realm of Fire, or Heaven, as it was named in the Michaelite bible. Dyston had no idea which task he was going to receive, but as he felt the presence of Ariel’s hand hovering over his head, his answer came right out. “Yes. I am ready.” There was a rustling of paper, and Dyston took that as a sign to raise his head. When he did, he saw Ariel unrolling an ancient looking scroll. She met his eyes before reading from it. “Dyston Archer Blackbell, I gift you…” Ariel paused, squinted, then looked up at him. A worried look was apparent on her face. “Is something wrong?” he asked. “Uh… there seems to be a slight problem.” “What?” He couldn’t believe this. His very first Task and there was a problem. “It looks like I’ll have to send you up to the Realm of Fire.” Dyston’s eyes widened. The Realm of Fire! He was going to the Realm of Fire. He couldn’t help but smile. “Really? Is my task that important it needs to be gifted by God himself?” “So it would seem. I am only following instructions. It says to send you to the Realm of Fire right away.” Dyston stood and brushed off his knees. Kneeling really hurt his patellae. He hated it. “Awesome.” As he was about to turn away and leave, Ariel stopped him. “Give Uriel my regards.” Present Day Dyston shut his book and rubbed his eyes, sitting up straighter in his chair. He hadn’t realised he had fallen asleep, let alone dreamed. Dreaming was second nature to him, and for the past thirty- nine days he had been living in a dream drought. And he knew why. Because thirty- nine days ago he had left his soul mate to go off on his own. He didn’t want to, he had to. For protecting Scarlett was of the utmost importance. After all, God himself had asked him to watch over her. But he had broken his promise, not just to himself but also to God. He had sinned greatly. And he blamed his father. When Dyston was only an infant, his father had injected Demon blood into him, thus causing him to have black wings. And from that day onward he was tainted, cursed and broken. That was why he had to leave. That was why he had to make Scarlett think he was dead. Her thoughts earlier that day had told him as much. ~ It hasn’t rained in thirty-nine days. The plants have shrivelled up and the grass is brown. The pavement is cracked and you can probably fry an egg on the road. Thirty- nine days of no rain. For thirty- nine days the world has suffered for our selfish love. It has been thirty- nine days since the boy who created rain, died.~Dyston had woken up dripping in a cold sweat. “She thinks I’m dead.” He said to the darkness. “Well, I guess its better than the alternative.” The past thirty- nine days, Dyston had adapted quite well to shielding his thoughts from everyone. Especially Scarlett. To let her think he was dead was better than letting her find out what he had been doing these past thirty- nine days. “She’d hate me.” ————————————————————————————————————————-

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