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Reign of Secrets – New Release!

I’m so excited that my heart project, the first book in THE fantasy series i’ve been dreaming about is finally out in the world.

Ever since i was a teen, I dreamed of one day writing and creating an amazing fantasy world just like the books I loved and took solace in. I was a lonely kid and teen. I sought company with books and made friends with fictional characters because real life people were mean, and i just didn’t click with them or the world around me. I didn’t know it then, but that’s a key characteristic of Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Aspergers. (I believe aspies live on a different level than normal ASD, but anyway). Oh, if you didn’t know this, i do try and be open about mental health and my disability and struggles other than being a normal adult human. Which is hard enough, right?

Grace came to me many years ago, and at first, my story was purely victorian and historical. It wasn’t really a fantasy book. But as the years went on and i wrote some books, I began going back to this story, that was originally titled ‘Hidden Grace.’ As i learned more about marketing and the publishing world over the years, i knew that original title didn’t fit the grand picture i had in my head. And fast forward, i finally came up with ‘Reign of Secrets’, and then the sequels, ‘Crown of Lies’ and ‘Queen of Midnight’.

Anyway, I hope you like the first instalment of my new heart project, my passion project. Feel free to share on social media, and / or leave me a review on amazon or your store of purchase.

You can get your copy on Amazon now. Apple, Nook and Kobo and the rest of the stores will be live on the 7th July.

Buy your copy of Reign of Secrets!

Thanks for your support, happy reading!

Laura xx

P.S. Oh, if you want to celebrate the release of Reign of Secrets with me, you are invited to The Midnight Ball : The official launch party for Reign of Secrets! It’s free and online. You can party in your PJs, but i hope you will dress up. Because I definitely am! You can join here: The Midnight Ball


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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