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Some big news for The Chronicles of Fire and Ice!

So you may have seen me posting about a big announcement for a few days now, and now i can finally say what it is! For those of you who know me i am a very impatient person and can’t keep secrets of my own for very long, especially one’s as life changing as this!!! So this is how it began. Back in april i came across an advert on Facebook featuring the handsome face of one Mr Ryan Gosling. It said that you could have a chance of him reading your manuscript! Sound too good to be true? Well, almost. Now, Ryan has yet to read my book, but i did submit my shockingly untidy, partially edited manuscript of Fire and Ice on a whim and for a bit of fun, never thinking anything might come of it. But guess what? Two days ago i received an email while i was drinking my morning coffee like i do every morning on the front balcony. I opened it thinking it might just be another email from Goodreads or something. But Then i saw who it was from, and thought, hmm, i’ve seen that name somewhere before. It still hadn’t clicked at this point. I started reading the email and it went something like this: “Laura, Thankyou for your submission and apologies for the delay. We believe you have created an intriguing world and would love to bring it to as many readers as possible. As such, we are thrilled to announce that we would love to represent The Chronicles of Fire and Ice.“ So, yes you read correctly, I just got offered, or rather, my first little book got offered to be represented by a Literary Agent!!! Writer’s Bloq Inc!! (If you haven’t heard of them google them.) The news still hasn’t sunk in yet. So what does this mean for the book? As far as i know (and i will keep you updated as soon as i’m allowed to let you know) Fire and Ice will be republished and relaunched under a different cover 🙁 and get an interior makeover in order for it to appeal to the mass market and traditional publishers. I don’t know what this means for the Legend of the Archangel series but i hope that this new audience will love Fire and Ice and the rest of the series will be picked up as well. I am still pretty overwhelmed by this news and still coming to terms with what this means for me personally and my career as an author. I have seen what they’ve done for the books and author’s they have taken under their wing and it’s amazing! If you would like, i recommend looking up Red by EJ Koh on amazon and searching for the trailer on youtube, or EJ Koh’s blog, they are all fab and also represented by WB Inc!


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