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Spellbound by Rebecca L Garcia – Review

I was thrilled to receive an ARC copy of Spellbound from Rebecca. And i was not disappointed!

I went into this blind, thinking it was maybe another cozy YA paranormal romance, but it was not.

But in a good way.

Spellbound has all the things I love in a paranormal romance: Well formed characters you love to hate or hate to love, characters to root for, paranormal lore, paranormal creatures. In terms of Spellbound, this one has witches and warlocks and gods and goddesses

I’d say Spellbound has a little bit of the feel of The Vampire Diaries, the character of the Mortal Intruments and many other paranormal romance series i love.

And SEXY gods. Did i mention sexy gods? just read it and you will know what i mean.

Overall, i loved it, and i can’t wait for the next book from Rebecca.

4 stars.

Spellbound releases on September 3 and is available to pre-order now here.


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