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You may have seen i’ve released Burn and Thirst early on Amazon…

There’s a reason for this.

And there’s a reason for releasing 2 books at the same time as well.

I decided to push publish early for my latest books on Amazon because i can’t use the pre-order option at the moment.

I was banned from setting up pre-orders on Amazon in December when i had to push back the release of The Chronicles of Light and Dark by a week, resulting in the 1 year ban. In my opinion, this is completely unfair for indie authors. Oh, well. I’ve had to make do. Thus, pushing publish early. I had no other way of getting links for bloggers for my release day promo.

I still have pre-orders available on all other platforms though, and Thirst and Burn will go live on March 31st on iBooks, Nook and Kobo then.

So why have i released 2 books? And what’s the reason behind releasing Burn seperately from Thirst?

Burn is a spin off of the Dragon Heart series.

Even though i’ve included Burn and an excerpt from it’s sequel, Illuminate in the back of Thirst, I wanted to release Burn seperately for readers who have not read The Dragon Heart series, or aren’t going to buy Thirst.

Burn is only a little shorty story and i hope you enjoy it. The style of writing is a little different than Thirst and my other books, and was extremely fun to write.


Burn and Thirst are available now on Amazon.



And available to pre-order now on all other platforms. Coming March 31!


iBooks: (download a free sample on iBooks)



For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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