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Teaser time! + news – The Aqua Lie Teaser plus What’s New from L.L. Hunter

Who wants an Aqua Lie teaser? Enjoy wink emoticon

I almost cried. “Rush?” I wretched the door open and saw his panting figure in the corridor outside. He must have run after me. “You can’t be here. If anyone sees you…” He leapt inside and shut the door after him. Then his lips were on mine and I couldn’t breathe. I tried pushing him off because if I kissed him, there was a chance he could die, and I couldn’t have that. I had to save him. But his lips didn’t stop their assault on mine, and I admit I didn’t mind. I kissed him back. Oh, what the hell. If either of us was going to die, we might as well have what we want most before it ended.

-The Aqua Lie, book 2 of the Aqua Saga. Coming July 31.

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Catch up with The Aqua Secret

What’s new from L.L. Hunter?

In other news,

I am taking part in a few events this year that you should mark in your calenders!

JULY 21 (JULY 22 aussie time): Lady Amber’s Promotions Christmas in July Event!

Join the event here. I will be giving away SIGNED copy of THE AQUA SECRET on the day!

JULY 31: (August 1st aussie time) The Aqua Lie release day + Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans – The Aqua Lie release party!

Join the group here – this is where all the release day fun is to be had!

Plus, if you missed out on winning a signed copy of The Aqua Secret, you have another chance at this event!

August: Apryl’s Crazy Corner Annual YA/NA blogfest!

Look out for my guest post any time between early august and late september! I will let you know as soon as the schedule is posted! Trust me, you will want to check it out because i’ll have an EXCLUSIVE deleted scene for you from The Aqua Lie. This scene won’t be posted anywhere else!!! It’s not even in the book!

You’ll be able to read my post here.

Join the event here.

That’s all for now.

Keep following me for more news as it happens.

For now, keep dreaming and believing.

Lots of love,

Laura xx


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