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The Aqua Truth Release Day!!

At long last, the saga is complete! I’m excited to finally release the final instalment in the Aqua Saga. It’s pretty bittersweet to have the series finished, but glad that it is too because that means i can now concentrate on my next few projects.

If you haven’t caught up on this series, make sure you do it now, because they’re currently all on sale for 99 cents each. Hurry!

You can grab your copies below.


“You are going to be the strongest, most perfect specimen in all existence. You will be the revolution the world needs. It all begins with you.”

Pym Maddox and Rush Rodgers grew up knowing they were different.

But they only realized how different when they exposed General Maddox’s secret experiments.

There is still more underneath the surface.

And Pym and Rush won’t know the truth until they come face to face with themselves.

In the epic final installment of the Aqua Saga,

Who will make it out alive?

And will Pym and Rush ever unveil the truth?

Will Pym become the revolution her father created her to be?

Some truths are best left unknown.

Buy links:

And don’t forget, the whole series is on sale for a limited time!

I hope you like the ending to the series.

Happy reading,

Laura xx


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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