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The Boy Who Wouldn’t Talk – Boy Behind the Camera by L.L. Hunter – Release Day.

You might be wondering why Behind the Camera is listed as part 4, not another short story like A Touch of Sparkle and One Year in Hollywood. That’s because he JUST WOULDN’T TALK TO ME! Damian Belle was a hard nut to crack.

It was hard to get inside that man’s head. So, i needed to go back into his past, peel back the layers until he showed me who he was. But it didn’t come easy.

Damian didn’t have the best of upbringings. He and Kate have that in common. It is that similarity which becomes a crucial thing that brings them closer together towards the end: they both had abusive fathers. Damian’s story could have gone down a completely different path. He could have become a completely different person. But his love for movies is what saved him and shaped him into how he is at the end of the book. That’s what i wanted to write about. That art can save you. It’s also because of his mother. Throughout the story, Damian showed a huge amount of respect for strong women. Kate is a strong woman, just like Damian’s mother.

I don’t want to tell you much more. You will have to read the book.

I hope you won’t throw tomatoes at me or send hate mail. Please don’t. I didn’t mean for this book to be as short as it is. But i hope it’s a good read, regardless.

And you know, with me, there are always more books coming.

Speaking of, there are two more books coming in this world – later this year, or next year. Depending on my schedule. Read the epilogue in Boy Behind the Camera for a sneak peek at one of those upcoming books.


Boy Behind the Camera, book 4 in the Written in the Stars series, is available now on all ebook platforms. Sorry, no paperback for this one.

Get your copy here!


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