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The Chronicles of Fire and Ice: The 10th Anniversary Edition - New Release!

The first book in the Bestselling Legend of the Archangel series by L.L. Hunter has been re-released in a special edition to celebrate the 10-year anniversary. See where the magical YA fantasy saga all began.

“Why I love YA fiction!”

A very bittersweet tale of love, loss, lust and the pursuit of power... Spend time in a world of wings and bruised hearts... Well worth a read.”

“Brilliant story. Unique. Storylines keeps you hooked.”

Archangels are extinct and the world is inhabited by a half-human/half-angel race called Nephilim. But one Archangel remains – a child born of fire known as The Legend.

21-year-old Nephilim Scarlett Porter is starting her Angel training at the infamous Blackbell Academy, so she doesn’t have time to worry about dreams of mysterious dark angels.

The last thing she expected was her dream angel to be Dyston Blackbell, or that finding her was part of his mission – one Dyston is prepared to fail to keep Scarlett safe.

Danger is closer to Dyston and Scarlett than they realize.

War is brewing, led by The Lucifites, and they need The Legend to carry out their plans.

With the help of their friends, the two must find the Lucifites’s leader, and stop his plans for destruction.

But will Dyston and Scarlett’s love survive?

How far will Scarlett go to save those she loves most?

Purchase your copy of the 10th anniversary edition in signed paperback or hardcover here.

It's also available in ebook here.

Every order of a physical copy will receive a set of illustrated art cards.

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