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The Chronicles of Silver and Gold – Cover Reveal

It’s finally here! I am so glad to say that i can finally reveal the long awaited cover for the third book in the Legend of the Archangel series, The Chronicles of Silver and Gold! It’s beyond amazing and really suits the story well!

I can’t explain what is happening in the cover and/ or why i asked for this to be depicted on it, because it reveals a little bit more about Miss Emerald Rose. Yes, Emer is on the cover and her trait is finally revealed in The Chronicles of Silver and Gold!

Now for the blurb!

Waking up on her twenty- second birthday alone wasn’t something Scarlett had in mind. Neither had she planned Dyston’s departure from her life so soon.

When she receives a mysterious note from him telling her to track down Rachael, little did she know the journey it would lead her on.

Dyston’s note told her to let Rachael help her reveal things she didn’t know about her origins, but what she sees on her journey through time could change everything, including her fate.

In the thrilling third book of the Legend of the Archangel series, Scarlett learns that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to changing the fate of the world.

Now lets see the 3 covers in the series so far…

I just can’t stop staring at all three covers together! I cannot wait to get the whole series in print and sit them side by side!

The Chronicles of Fire and Ice is available now!

The Chronicles of Blood and Stone will be available July 13

You can Pre- order here: iBooks / Barnes and Noble / Kobo / Smashwords

The Chronicles of Silver and Gold will be available July 31st.

Note: So far only book 4 is available as a pre-order on kobo (don’t ask) but book 3 should be up soon on Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

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