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The end is here! Not really, but Molten Heart is!

Title: Molten Heart

Series: Molten Heart Saga Book 1

Author: L.L. Hunter

Genre: YA dystopian/ post- apocalyptic

Release Date: October 31st


Forty years after the middle- east dropped bombs on our country, we are now just starting to rebuild.

But a new danger threatens our small community.

A group of men we call The Takers, have returned to finish what they started ten years earlier.

So we leave.

My friends and I head to a safe house five days away where there is food a plenty and the hope of a fresh start.

But we never will be out of danger.

And my heart will never be safe, not around Lukas Green.

When I thought I couldn’t be broken any further, I fear Lukas will break the wall around my heart down so far, my heart won’t have a choice but to melt.

He really will be the death of me.

My name is Skye Montgomery and this is my story.

You can buy your copy of MOLTEN HEART here!

I have put together a few different things for you to help celebrate MOLTEN HEART’s release, including an very special surprise video featuring me! I am not much of a tech head, so i hope it turns out. Turn your volume up and tune in! I hope you like it!

And be sure to check out the following links:

Come join me this Halloween for some fun, thrills and games to celebrate Molten Heart’s release —

And Vote for Lukas in the Best Book Boyfriend competition here —

Stalk links:

Instagram: @llhunter

Website: Google +:

And because i love you guys so so much, i have a surprise for you! Please see video below!

I hope you’re as excited for MOLTEN HEART’s release as i am! Don’t hestitate to let me know when you finish. I’d love to know what you think!

Laura xx


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