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The Garden of Eden on Tour and Treacherous release date

You may have heard me blogging and talking about moving the release date for my next two releases back until after my trip to South America, with no tentative release date for Treacherous, well there is some good news! Treacherous now has a release date! It will be…. (drum roll please!)…. October 1st and a tour will be announced soon. As for the Garden of Eden, i have organised the tour dates for it with my tour host, and they are; Blog tour: 24th august- 31st august Release day blitz: 31st august And we still need lots more bloggers for the release day blitz! If you are a blogger and are interested, please contact Lady Amber’s Reviews here by sending her a private message and tell her you want to be involved in ‘The Garden of Eden Release Day Blitz’, and what type of post you want to do (promo, interview, review etc). All help is appreciated. I heart you guys <3


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