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Yes, you read the title right.

It’s the beginning of a new month, and the start of a new financial year – a time when everyone is lodging tax returns and looking ahead into the future. But i didn’t lure you here to share tax tips. *yawn*.

No, i lured you here so you can read the blurb for the FINAL LEGEND OF THE ARCHANGEL BOOK!!! AHHH!!

I’m sorry to say that, yes, this will be the final book in the series. Did i just here you cry? Please don’t cry. It’s okay. It’s bittersweet, but i want to have a chance to bring you different stories and new characters and give myself a chance to finish a few other series that I’ve started. I know in the past i might have said that i may be continuing the series past book 6, but i have decided to include a few other storylines in the final book and wrap everything up in 1 book.

So, without further ado, i give you the blurb for THE CHRONICLES OF HEART AND SOUL. And then scroll down to read the first chapter. I warn you, though, it is totally unedited and content is subject to change. Any faults are entirely my own.


There was once an angel born of fire who was fated to rule the world.

Her existence was planned, her destiny mapped out before she even knew who she was.

When Scarlett was a little girl she never dreamed she would one day be the one to rule the entire Nephilim world.

Now as an adult, her nightmares are making up for lost time.

Plagued with visions she doesn’t know what to make of, and a dark secret hidden deep within, she turns to an unlikely ally for guidance.

Afraid for her future child’s life, Scarlett makes a choice that could change everything forever.

After a heartbreaking sacrifice is made,

Scarlett never thought she would ever taste darkness, but this time she can’t escape.

Especially when her son is fated to rule the underworld.

In the epic finale to the bestselling Legend of the Archangel series, will the world burn in heavenly fire or be saved by the girl who was fated to rule it all?


Scarlett stood on the edge of the Realm of Fire and looked down at the world she now ruled. She was the new queen, the new leader of the Nephilim. Lucifer was dead and with Abraham out of commission… she needed a new leader for the demons too. A new leader for the dead. She felt a presence behind her. She turned and came face to face with her soulmate. She smiled and placed a hand over his heart and the other on her pregnant belly A deep voice filled her head. ”Your son is mine.”. She knew who would be perfect for the job.

Scarlett sat up gasping for air. She pushed her hand through her hair and threw her legs over the side of the bed. She tried to process what she had just seen. No, she knew what she had just seen. It had been something that had haunted her for quite a while. It was her secret. This dream was telling her something. The bed moved and the sheets rustled and Scarlett froze. She had to tell him. How could she keep this from him? How was he going to react when she told him God wanted her baby to be the new leader of the Realm of Death? There was no way a secret that big could sit still inside her heart. It would poison her. It would kill her.

“What’s going on, Scar?”

She remembered what she had been told in the Realm of Fire when she visited with her father some months ago.

No, she couldn’t keep this from him. She turned around and met his gaze.

“I need to tell you something.”

Now was the time to tell him everything. She would leave nothing out.

Six months earlier

“Do I have to do this?” Scarlett asked as she walked into the office in nothing but a grey fluffy bathrobe. Dyston turned to her and smirked holding out his hand. She stepped into his embrace.

“Yes. Don’t worry. I’ll be right here with you. I have to go through the same torture too.” The door creaked opened then and Beth glided in, her long black dress swishing behind her.

“Oh, good. Scarlett, you’re here. Put this on.” From behind her back, Beth produced a shimmery copper-coloured dress. Where had it come from?

“Uh, sure.” Scarlett took the dress reluctantly and made her way behind a partition that had been set up in the corner of the room. Her hair and makeup had already been done by Kat and Emer. They loved nothing more than to do makeovers on their stubborn friend. All that was left was to put on the dress she held on to.

Who’s idea was it to sit for a portrait? Oh, that’s right. Her soulmate’s mother aka the president of the entire freaking Nephilim world. Beth was going to wait to get her two sons and their soulmates immortalised in paint wait until after the mission she was about to send them on, but she had no idea what would happen. Scarlett had agreed only to ease her mind. Besides, she may not come back. She slipped on the beautiful gown and kitten heels and came out from behind the partition. Dyston stood near the plain dark backdrop the artist had set up, and when he saw Scarlett his eyes lit up. They also glimmered with amusement. Scarlett blushed. She mouthed, “Shut up.” And walked over by Beth to wait her turn. The door creaked open again she soon felt a presence at her shoulder. She turned see the eldest Blackbell beside her.

“I wonder if the artist will be able to capture the particular quirk that is Dyston’s arseholeness. It’s fairly clear.” Smirking I looked to Dyston as he flipped his brother the bird.

“I heard that. In fact I can everything you say, Brother. Your voice is so damn obnoxious.”

“Whatever you say, little brother.” Lakyn turned to Scarlett again. She met his gaze and smiled. It wasn’t so long ago that she hated Lakyn, but since reuniting with Rachael and Eden, he had become a better person. He had really grown on her.

“Is Eden going to have her portrait done too?” she asked.

“I suppose so. Knowing Eden, though, she’ll reply with a few choice words at the suggestion.”

“Ah, like father, like daughter.”

“Hey, I’m a new man now. I’m not out to kill you.” He gave her a smile that hurt her heart and brought tears to her eyes. “You’re family.”

When it was Scarlett’s turn to pose for her portrait, she stood where Dyston had. The artist asked her to sit on a stool. When she sat down she stared over at Dyston and Lakyn. Rachael had joined them and so had Beth. She looked at her family and couldn’t help but smile. She was happy she knew who she was now. She had come so far.

She would do anything for family.


So, what did you think? Tell me in the comments.

The Chronicles of Heart and Soul is due for release in October 2016, and the cover reveal will in September sometime.

You can pre-order The Chronicles of Heart and Soul here.


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