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The Molten Heart Saga – Cover rebrand and reveal!

I’ve been working on something behind the scenes and they’re finally done. My designer did an amazing job of my vision and brought them to life. I had an idea to update and rebrand the Molten Heart Saga because they’ve hardly sold anything. I talked it over with Serene Connelley back in March, and she said it was a great idea.

Basically i wanted a ‘Title- centric’ series of covers showing the progression of the post apocalyptic landscape that features in these books. I wanted to show the transition from barren earth and a rusted, abandoned world in the first book, to a slightly greener landscape, and the finally to a shiny new, high tech world. It also represents Skye’s character growth throughout the series.

There is a boxed set coming soon too!

Thank you Kim from KILA Designs for bringing my vision to life.

The ebooks should be updated soon on all stores, followed by the paperbacks in the next few days.

“Molten heart is the emotional first book in an action-packed YA dystopian series, The Molten Heart Saga. If you like strong, stubborn female protagonists, unique dystopian landscapes, fun, diverse characters, and destruction of the authority, then you will love Molten Heart.”

If you haven’t read Skye’s story yet, you can start the adventure here:


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