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The Shade Between Shadows by E.C. Hibbs - Cover Reveal


"I didn't think myself truly silent. I possessed a voice, as sure as any other. It was simply not the same as any other I had met."

The year is 1838. Queen Victoria has ascended the throne. And within the United Kingdom lies Nightland: a sprawling forest filled with darkness and danger.

Beatrice has always been different. She has not spoken since childhood, communicates through drawings, and hates to be touched. And she is a grey: half-English and half-Nightlander.

When she is forced into servitude across the border, she hatches a plan to escape with siblings Anselm and Gretchen. But gaining her freedom will be no simple task, for first, she must unravel the secrets of her master, Prince Edward. A man rumoured to have murdered his wife - and who shares Beatrice's ability to see people's souls.

Pre-order The Shade Between Shadows here!


From E.C. Hibbs: This will open on 10th March and will run until 12th April (the day before the release party). Entries can be made by pre-ordering/purchasing a copy of The Shade Between Shadows (+5), visiting my Facebook group (+2), or visiting my Facebook page (+1). The prize bundle includes:

  • Book-accurate replica of Beatrice's indenture certificate, signed by me, and featuring a Batty wax seal.

  • Personalised handwritten letter from me.

  • Two signed colour prints of the Chester and Thornvale artworks, as featured in the paperback.

  • Batty Brigade swag pack: button badge & 5 signed bookmarks, including a brand new Nightland bookmark.

  • Sepia and Silver e-book.

Enter here!

Join the Facebook release party here!


For signed paperbacks and merch, check out my shop here, or at the tab below!
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