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Torn Cover Reveal!

Title: Torn: Lakey

Series: The Troubled Girl Chronicles book 3

Author: L.L. Hunter

Genre: NA contemporary romance

Cover designer: Story Styling Cover Designs

Release date: November 30th 2019


For Lakey, college should be the time of self discovery and new adventures.

But all Lakey seems to find is cheating guys and one night stands.

She knows she must escape this reckless life, so when a chance to travel and change her life arrives, she jumps on it.

She never thought she’d find herself taking care of orphaned refugee children in war- torn Syria, though.

The job is challenging at the worst of times, especially seeing as she has a stubborn army officer watching her back.

But his stubbornness grows on her, and before long, amongst the war and gunfire, Lakey and Bryce find a connection they both can’t deny.

For Captain Bryce Jackson, protecting Syrian refugees is just a job.

He entered the army to get away from his old life. He certainly wasn’t looking for romance.

But love finds you in the most unexpected of places.

His job, and his feelings for Lakey are put to the test when a rebel terrorist group infiltrates the village, putting him and the hot Australian college student in danger.

Torn between the army and his growing attraction to Lakey, he knows he must make a choice before both their lives are threatened.

Love is dangerous.


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