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Truth or Dare – New Release + the meaning behind the titles

It’s always nerve wrecking launching a brand new series into the world.

You don’t know whether your readers will love it or hate it.

I’m thankful book 1 of my new series has been well received so far, judging by early reviews and pre-order figures.

But i had a question this morning from a reviewer and i thought i’d answer it here as well, just in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.

Q: What does the title, TRUTH OR DARE, mean? And Why did you choose it?

When I was planning this series out, all five books, I wanted titles that were catchy, fun, but also representative of the themes and plots of the series.

‘Truth or Dare’ is a game kids and adults both play at parties or gatherings in order to get to know others, and reveal secrets about each other. In relation to my book and series, my characters are trying to keep their secrets hidden and will go to great lengths to do so.

Other titles in this series are:

2. Kiss and Tell (You know the saying, I don’t kiss and tell…)

3. Cruel Summer (also the title of 2 songs i love and thought were reminiscent of teen movies and songs about summer, lost innocence, secrets and rumours, etc.)

4. Spin the Bottle (also a revealing sort of game people play.)

5. Secrets and Lies (the conclusion, and reflective of the entire series.)


About the book:

Title: Truth or Dare

Series: The Summervale series book 1

Author: L.L. Hunter

Genre: YA contemporary romance / mystery/ romantic suspense

Cover designer: Emily Wittig

Release Date: Jan 31st, 2021


Welcome to Summervale…

One of the USA’s top vacation spots. It’s a sunny coastal town. Population…

Oh, who cares.

The tourism ads paint Summervale as the perfect, picturesque town. It’s the ideal location to have spring break in, or retire at.

But I know the truth.

17 year old Darcie Ryder thought life would be different on the other side of the tracks. In this town, you are judged on by what side of the river you live on.

She was born a ‘have not’, but due to her father’s new social status and job, she moves into the rich neighbourhood called The Circle, and becomes a ‘have’.

In the Circle, she is introduced to the other kids at the town’s annual back to school bonfire on the beach.

Here she meets the handsome, and totally out her league, Dane O’Connell.

Even though they are from the opposite sides of the river, they share a connection they both can’t deny.

But when the body of a teenage girl turns up dead on the shore, the mystery to her death will either bring the teens closer together…

or tear them further apart.

In the first instalment of a new YA contemporary mystery series from L.L. Hunter, there are secrets a plenty in Summervale, but only some will surface. The rest will be taken to the grave.


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