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Updated 2015 Publishing Schedule plus Molten Heart sequel title reveal

Hey guys,

It seems i had forgotten to post my 2015 publishing schedule! Life has been crazy busy lately. Sorry!

Here it is:

Jan 31 – The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams March 31- Second Sight (Adelaide Paige #2) May 31 – The Garden of Fate July 31 – The Aqua Lie September 30 -Wounded Heart (Molten Heart Saga #2) November 30 – TBA

Wondering why November 30 says TBA? its because i have decided to leave that up to you guys. The book that will be published on that date is pending on what you guys want the most. Let me know!

In other news,

I now feel like a proper author!! You know why?


I am so stoked to be able to have all the options available to me that traditional published authors do.

And in further news, CRAVE IS COMING IN 5 DAYS!!!

I hope you’re all excited about this as much as i am.

Look out for a bit of background info on Crave and the Dragon Heart Keeper world in a post on September 1st.


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