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What i am working on now and what you can expect in the future

Ok, so long title! Hey guys, So yes i have been going a little crazy, well, my mind has gone crazy and given me all these crazy ideas! I jotted them all down and realised i have several new titles and new book ideas for you to expect in the future. Firstly, The Legend of the Archangel was originally going to be 3 books, then 4. But i realised i have too much storyline to fit into only 4 books, so 4 has become 5, and now 6! yes SIX BOOKS! And the titles are:

1: The Chronicles of Fire and Ice 2: The Chronicles of Blood and Stone 3: The Chronicles of Silver and Gold 4: The Chronicles of Rain and Dreams 5: The Chronicles of Light and Dark 6: The Chronicles of Heart and Soul

But that probably won’t be the end of Scarlett, Dyston, Lakyn and friends. Stay tuned! Secondly, The Garden of Eden series is a planned trilogy and the titles are:

1: The Garden of Eden 2: The Garden of Death 3: The Garden of Fate

Thirdly, My brand new series i am working on is The Aqua Chronicles and is also a planned trilogy and the titles are:

1: The Aqua Secret 2: The Aqua Lie 3: The Aqua Promise

(**Books 2 and 3 titles of the Aqua Chronicles are subject to change)


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