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Woman in the Photograph – Release Day!

Finally! The book that has been years in the making, my passion project, is finally out in the world. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous / excited about a book before. I think it’s because this book probably holds more rawness, more of me than any of my other books. I poured my blood, sweat and tears into these two books, (I do that anyway with all my books. But this one holds a special place in my heart.) and now the day has come that you can read the first half.

I hope you enjoy Chloe’s story. Jack’s story will be coming close behind. As soon as i get my edits back from my lovely editor, part two will be published. But until then, enjoy part one, and tomorrow, you can see the gorgeous cover for Jack’s story, Man Amongst the Stars.

Scroll down to purchase your copy of Woman in the Photograph for only 99 cents, as a thank you for waiting so long and an apology for the delays.


You know the saying. A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, it’s true. And I’m going to tell you why. Or rather, show you. My name is Chloe Vanderbilt and a few weeks ago, my life changed forever. And it’s all due to one single photograph. Freelance writer Chloe Vanderbilt never imagined her life would become a story. As a Hollywood gossip columnist for one of Australia’s biggest entertainment websites, she’d always written about the lives of those far more glamourous than herself. One steamy summer night, and a few wines too many, an encounter with a mysterious stranger at a party shakes up her world. No cameras or phones were allowed at the party, so Chloe thought she’d take the secret to her grave. When a picture emerges a few weeks later of her and Hollywood ‘it’ boy Jack Dean, it gets tongues wagging and before long, Chloe finds herself the heroine of her own story. Everyone wants to know about the Sydney writer who stole the heart of Hollywood’s latest heartthrob. Soon, all of Chloe’s wildest dreams come true. But is it happening too fast? Chloe has a decision to make: lose her dignity, or the greatest love of her life? When the world falls at her feet, will Chloe run with it, or away from it? This is a story about how one photograph can make or break you.

Add to your Goodreads shelf.

Make sure you come back tomorrow to see the cover for Man Amongst the Stars!

Happy reading,

Laura xx


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