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Wounded Heart release day!!!

The long awaited sequel to my ‘whim of an idea’ series is finally here! The Molten Heart Saga was born out of a few tiny sparks of ideas i had, that i then decided to join together.

I wanted to write a series about a girl who was traumatised by her past, a girl who was afraid to open up her heart to those around her, in a post-apocalyptic world that is so much bigger than she was. Skye Montgomery was created, and a futuristic America was created. Skye’s landscape is diverse, and i will confess, is actually a mash up of Sydney and the United States. It’s a fictional world, so i had to give it a fictional name, while still being realistic enough that you could envision yourself walking in Skye’s shoes.

Molten Heart, the first book in the series was written as stress relief back in 2014. I was between jobs, and studying and i guess the stress of it all got to me. When i did begin my new job, i couldn’t stop daydreaming about this new fictional post-apocolytic landscape. I’m sorry the sequel, Wounded Heart, took almost three years to finish. But it is finally done and out in the world. I hope you enjoy it!

Scroll down to read an excerpt from Wounded Heart, and purchase your copy.


Chapter One


I’ve been avoiding this room for a few months now. I walk past it every day and glance at the doorknob but never touch it. I know what’s on the other side. It was avoidable. Until now.

Since Blossom’s death and her memorial, I’ve been putting off gathering the precious little handmade dolls she had made for all of us. They were her prized possessions, but she wouldn’t have wanted them to just sit in her room like a sad shrine. Like the happy doll, she would have wanted us to be happy.

I open the door and poke my head in. The room is still shrouded in darkness, but I know where everything is. Even though I haven’t physically been inside the room since Blossom’s death, I had committed the layout of the room to memory. There’s a bed in the corner under a mirror, and above that, a sunlamp hangs to imitate a window. Since we were underground, windows looking out to the outside world weren’t possible. So, we had to make do and create our own sunlight. At the foot of the bed sits a black and gold carved wooden trunk, similar to Blossom’s father’s own furniture in his compound.

Along the wall where the door is located, the one closest to where I am standing now is a sliding wooden door—a closet. Blossom didn’t own much. We each owned just a few sets of clothes, only what was necessary. That was why Blossom’s dolls were so special to her.

I enter the room and head straight for the black and gold trunk. I’ve never looked in the trunk previously, but I know this must be where the dolls are.

Blossom’s bed was always made with military precision, and she never added any personal touch, such as colorful throws or toys on the bed. I know this to be a product of a strict military upbringing.

I crouch down beside the trunk and lift the lid. It is heavy but dark, and I can’t see anything. I run to the door and slap my palm against the solar panel beside it. The sunlamp flickers to life and illuminates the room.

I gasp when I see what is lying inside the trunk. In a neat row lay a collection of intricately handcrafted knitted dolls. Each character is recognizable at once. I find Lukas, Shin, even Robbie our cook has his own doll. I laugh and take each one out to inspect them. They are so detailed it’s uncanny.

A piece of folded paper flutters down into the trunk from one of the dolls. I put the Lukas doll down and pick up the paper. I unfold it, and a lump immediately forms in my throat when I see what it is—a note written by Blossom. But I can’t make myself read it.

That’s where Lukas finds me sometime later, curled into a fetal position on the floor next to Blossom’s trunk.

Buy links:

Book 1: Molten Heart

Book 2: Wounded Heart

Book 3: Rebellious Heart – coming September 2017!

Look out for the Rebellious Heart cover reveal in August!

I have a lot of things happening over the next few months, so there may not be many book releases (ebook, paperback), but there will be audiobook releases! First Glance will be out soon, as well as The Chronicles of Blood and Stone. As of now, I don’t know when Illuminate will release. I’m trying to fit that in between my signings, and the release of Rebellious Heart, and my trip to Melbourne.

I’ll let you know as soon as i do.

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Happy reading,

Laura xx


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